Working in home Insulation could generate cheap jobs!​

“having a job insulating homes would be much cheaper than creating a road maintenance job.” ​

Roger Harrabin who is a BBC environment analyst believes that having a “job insulating homes would be much cheaper than creating a road maintenance job, for example.” ​

The reports submitted by Harrabin states that a job carried out in home insulation can be completed for “£59,000,” compared to a road maintenance job, which is estimated by the government to be more than “£250,000”. As shown, home insulation is far cheaper.​

Figures are being shown that home insulation would provide people with jobs in all areas of the UK as well as assists the government’s objective of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.​
The article also states that efficiently improving a building so far is saving households up to “£500 a year.”​
Good news for future job hunters! ​
It is to be estimated that “40,000 jobs could be created by the government in insulation over the next two years, and 150,000 by 2030.”​
Due to how important reducing emissions into the ozone layer is becoming, “green” jobs will be seen to dramatically increase as the UK aims to become a net-zero economy.​

With how important reducing our carbon footprint is, the aspect of owning an environmentally friendly home is a great benefit for you, your family, and the environment. At Cisco Homes we are eager to join the movement of promoting an eco-friendly environment, thus we are fully confident and happy that our product not only benefits our consumers but benefits the planet. With the stigma and uprising knowledge of creating eco-friendly alternatives to help the planet, we believe our product is already doing so as Spray Foam reduces your carbon footprint by creating great energy savings and lowering your energy consumption. ​


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