Now that winter is in full swing and the colder weather is upon us, keeping your home warm is vital. This not only makes it a more comfortable place to be but also helps your family to stay healthy. As Christmas and the New Year gets closer, the snow and ice that arrives make this an even more pressing issue for homeowners.

Many people though often feel that their house is cold. A drafty home which does not hold the heat is not great for chilly winter temperatures. But what could be causing this?

Poor loft insulation is the most common reason

Aside from using it to store boxes or clutter in, not many people pay much attention to their loft space. This is a classic mistake when it comes to keeping houses warm though as a lot of heat can be lost there. As heat rises, a poorly insulated loft can see all the warmth in your house heading out of it, through your roof. A well-insulated loft can stop cold air getting into your home from outside too and keep you warmer.

What can you do about it?

If your own loft is poorly insulated then the good news is that you can do something about it. The simple answer is to install the right amount of insulation in your loft to help keep warm air in and cold air out. Once done, this will make your house feel much cosier to be in. A good tip is to hire a professional contractor to install innovative Lapolla spray foam for you. This type of spray foam insulation puts an effective seal around your loft to help keep your house warm and prevent moisture from building up in your home. It even takes up less room than traditional types of loft insulation.

Call the spray foam insulation specialists today

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