Why should I get ProPerla?

Looking to protect your home, try ProPERLA!

The ProPERLA coating reduces any water absorption meaning that there will be less heat loss through your exteriors. By coating your brickwork in ProPERLA insulation, this will drastically decrease water absorption and damp levels.

Benefits of having ProPERLA

Super Hydrophobic

When it rains, mineral surfaces coated with ProPERLA Coloured Facade Coating will repel the water, causing it to form water beads that run off the surface. Independent tests have shown it helps to keeps walls dry, reducing water absorption by up to 93.4% 

Highly Breathable

ProPERLA Facade Coating does not restrict the ability of your home to breathe. Independent testing (BS EN ISO7783:2011) demonstrated the coating has little effect on air and moisture escaping. 


Dirt is washed away with rainfall. The lack of moisture in the walls makes the unsightly growth of moss, algae or lichens more difficult. Keeping the property clean and attractive in the long term. 

25 Year Performance

The long-term performance of this wall coating has been independently tested by the UKAS accredited testing and analysis laboratory, Lucideon, to give you peace of mind. Facade Coating performs for 25 years. 

What does this cost?

Contact us via email or phone 01752 875300 and we will be more than happy to discuss any queries you may have.

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