Why are testimonials good?

Any review about your business and its products helps future customers decide to use you and the more honest and personal the better. We all…
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Any review about your business and its products helps future customers decide to use you and the more honest and personal the better.

We all get sold to every day, from personalised ads on Facebook to digital billboards catching your eye, there’s numerous ways for a business to get themselves seen but once someone has seen you, they then want reassurance and how better to get that than from their peers?

And they must be REAL people! Yes, you can pay for fake testimonials but that’s incredibly detrimental for your business. You need raw, organic, reviews. They won’t all be 5 stars, you can’t please everyone, and sometimes the customer leaves a bad review, but then people will look to how you dealt with the review, how did you respond and resolve the issue?

Tiny brag, but, at Cisco Homes we’ve been lucky enough to have great reviews left on Trust Pilot like:

The Cisco installation team review

The Cisco installation team was very efficient during this two day job. They put down dust sheets where required, carried out the insulation work and cleaned up and left the site clean and tidy when the job was completed.

But we’ve also had ones like this:

Beware this type of insulation.

Whilst I cannot fault the job done to my loft there is one thing Cisco do not tell you when making their sales pitch. That is that once you have had the work done you will find it very difficult to mortgage or sell your house because the mortgage providers do not accept this sort of insulation.

But we responded straight away like this…

Reply from Cisco Homes


Firstly, we are so pleased that you have enjoyed the excellent and professional work from our team!

We know that some mortgage companies refuse badly fitted installations or foam fitted directly to the slate or tile. We fit as per BS5250 and insert breather card where needed, ie if you have a non-breathable felt to protect the roof and allow the passage of condensation. You have a breathable felt which is counter battened, so sliders are not necessary. We also carry out a condensation analysis prior to installation to conform to British Standards. We hope this reassures you and we would be happy to send any corresponding paperwork needed to your mortgage company.

Reassuring potential customers and also any current ones.

So top tips for testimonials

  1. Encourage clients to leave them
  2. Share them on your website
  3. Embrace the negative and turn them into a positive.

Have a look at ours here.

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