What is the Best Loft Insulation?

With the price of wholesale gas prices set to rise, the importance of good quality loft insulation is more relevant than ever. We look at the factors you need to consider when choosing the best loft insulation.
What is the Best Loft Insulation?

A new age of home insulation

Over the years, development in chemicals and materials has led to steady evolution and sometimes revolution in the products available for loft insulation. There was a time when the best loft insulation solutions might involve installing mineral wall boards, fibreglass batts or even loose fill cork granules. Sometimes, installers would recommend a combination of these methods.

Today, the best loft insulation products tend to be spray polyurethane foams (SPFs). SPFs offer many benefits, including:

  • Reduced energy spend. This is very relevant at the moment and, for many homeowners, is the number one goal of loft insulation. But why is SPF so effective at driving down those bills? When cured, SPF traps bubbles of gas, forming an effective barrier against heat escape. Since SPF is applied as a quick setting liquid, it will seek out and insulate those nooks and crannies that other forms of insulation can’t reach. It will then quickly harden, retaining its shape without sagging. In addition, SPF forms one homogenous layer. In contrast, batts and boards have to be installed between less insulating materials. These act as thermal bridges, allowing heat energy to escape around the insulation. The result of these properties means that with SPF, Your home will retain heat for longer meaning you (or your thermostat) won’t need to fire your boiler as much.
  • Eco-friendly insulation. Since you will be using less gas (or electricity), you will be contributing to reduced emissions from power stations. But the type of SPF used by Cisco Homes Ltd. goes beyond this eco benefit. Specifically, our Elastospray® LWP and Enertite® products do not use hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) as blowing agents. By using hydrofluoroolerins (HFO)s or water, these spray foams have a far lower global warming potential and do not damage the precious ozone layer.
  • Durability. It is one thing to install the best loft insulation for your home today but how do you know that its performance will stand up to scrutiny ten or twenty years later? Cisco Homes Ltd. SPF products are chemically inert and materially robust. This means they won’t degrade or alter their properties over time. Cisco Homes Ltd. backs this assurance with a 10 year warranty.
  • Better air conditioning. By reducing the ingress and circulation of air from outside, SPF foams reduce the risk of mould and other particles that can contribute to allergies and respiratory issues such as asthma. The product itself contains no toxic chemicals so you and your family can breathe the air in your loft without fear.

The importance of skilled installation

Even the best loft insulation product on the market can fail to insulate your loft if it is poorly installed. Fortunately, all Cisco Homes Ltd. SPF spray foams are applied by trained and certified FOAM MASTERS. As product specialists, these installers know exactly the right SPF to use for each loft type and can answer any questions homeowners may have.

It is worth repeating that high performance Cisco Homes Ltd. SPF spray foams are not DIY materials and any attempt by homeowners to apply the product themselves is likely to be ineffective.

How Cisco Homes Ltd. can help

The best loft insulation solution for your home is a combination of industry-leading, eco-friendly materials and professional, conscientious installation. It also has to be tailored to the unique conditions of your home.

For detailed, bespoke advice on the best loft insulation for your home, request your free Cisco Homes Ltd. loft survey today.

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