If you are currently living in a cold house, you may be considering what heating and insulation options you have. For example, you may be weighing up the benefits of loft insulation over another form of heating such as a space heater. Spray foam insulation for your loft is often the most efficient and effective choice as it has multiple benefits.

1. Lower your heating bills

Spray foam loft insulation prevents heat from escaping from your loft and keeps your home warmer for longer. With less hot air escaping, you will not need to keep your heating on for as long as usual. This means you can reduce your environmental impact and expect lower heating bills.

2. Prevent damp

Insulation is one of the most effective ways to prevent damp. As insulation helps to regulate the temperature of a building, it creates a dry, controlled loft area where mould is unable to grow. Lapolla spray foam does not soak up water, ensuring mould cannot grow in the insulation.

3. Add value to your home

Spray foam insulation may seem like a more expensive option than, for example, purchasing a space heater. An insulated loft, however, adds value to your home and is more cost-effective in the long-term. When you come to sell your home, you will be able to raise your asking price because of your loft insulation which is desired by many prospective homeowners.

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