Whether there’s a crisis going on or you’re snowed in during winter, there’s always going to be times when the whole family is stuck in the house for an extended period of time. How do you stay warm and snug without sending your energy bills skyrocketing through the roof?

1/ Get smart bulbs

Smart lightbulbs can be connected to a simple app on your phone or your existing home hub- or both! They can be switched on and off with a command or the tap of a screen. The best thing is you can set a timer so that the lights never get left on all night by accident.

2/ Get everyone in the garden

If you have a garden, make the most of it. Get all the devices switched off, pick a game or a sport and get everyone outside having fun when the weather allows.

3/ Make the most of any sunshine

Speaking of good weather, the sunshine can also be used to dry clothes, cutting a chunk off your electricity bill while your tumble dryer takes a break.

4/ Check your thermostat settings

Make sure your thermostat is adjusted to a lower temperature when there are loads of you in the house. All that body heat really does make a difference, plus the additional cooking and use of electronic devices generates a surprising amount of heat.

5/ Get a roof MOT

If you’re wondering ‘why is my house so cold?’ it might be time to have your roof looked at. Your roof is where the majority of the heat in your home escapes from. Without the proper insulation, you could be losing hundreds of pounds in wasted energy every year. High-quality spray foam loft insulation could make a huge difference to the way your house feels- and your bank balance.

Contact the insulation specialists here at Cisco Homes to find out how the best loft insulation could keep you cosy and save you money.