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Solar Installation Process

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So, what is involved in a Solar Installation?

Initially, one of our trained surveyors will visit you on a pre-arranged appointment to assess your requirements and to see if your property is suitable and would benefit from the installation of solar panels and possibly batteries.  In some instances, you may already have solar panels fitted but would benefit from the installation of batteries to compliment your system and provide you with even more savings and reduce your carbon footprint further.

Our surveyors will speak to you at length about your requirements and they will of course answer any questions that you may have.  It is important at this point to know that Cisco Homes is not tied to any one system …… everything is designed Bespoke for you and your property.  It is based on your own individual needs and requirements.  We want to get this right for you so our surveyor will talk you through everything and of course give you the opportunity to ask any questions.  

Solar panels and battery systems aren’t suitable for every property so our Surveyor will look carefully to make sure that the system will benefit you.

Cost Efficient

Save up to 70% with Solar Power


 This form of Installation carries no emissions. This is due to Solar energy relying entirely on gathering energy from the sun and converting it into electricity.

Obviously, the Green Credentials of Solar systems are huge but we also try to make sure that you can also hopefully benefit financially from a system. 

Here at Cisco Homes, it is important to us that you are comfortable in entrusting us with your solar installation.  Our experienced surveyors will assess whether or not your property is suitable for a solar installation.  This will include whether your roof, its pitch, its aspect, and structure are suitable to house a system.  We make sure that it is structurally sound and has a suitable pitch with the right aspect.  You will be surprised to know that as many as 12 million homes are suitable for solar installation in the UK alone.

If you decide to go ahead and have a system installed by us we will then send one of our Installation Managers to check all the details and make sure that the system is viable and will meet all your expectations.  

We then pass the details on to a Validation Company to make sure that your returns will be as expected and we will also take steps to protect any money paid with an independent insurer.  You may think that this may not be necessary at this stage but we want to ensure that your investment and decision to engage us is protected even at this early stage.

We are going to install thousands of pounds worth of equipment on your property and more often than not, this is high off the ground.  We want you to have the confidence us to know that what we are doing is being done correctly and by professionals.

So, with all the installation organisation work in place and the system ordered we send over our installers to fit your system.  This team will usually be comprised of one or two roofers and an electrician to carry out all the wiring.

A day or two before installation, scaffolding will be erected to allow our team to work safely at height.  This makes the entire process safer and ensures that both yourselves and the installers are safe throughout the process.


The Day of Installation

Our installation team will arrive promptly at your property on the day of installation and set out the process for the installation of the system.

They will firstly install the mounting system on the roof.  Some lifting of tiles will be necessary to install the mounting anchors directly to the rafters but these tiles will be refitted and flashings fitted where necessary to ensure that the roof is watertight after installation.  They will then install the mounting rails to the roof in readiness for the installation of the panels.

Now comes the time to attach the solar panels to the frame. The panels clamp to the frame and are secured in place.  At this point, you will really see your solar system taking shape.  The electrician will now connect all the panels together and start routing the cables to the point where your inverter will be positioned.  The inverter is the unit that converts generated electricity (DC) to useable electricity (AC) that can be used to power your home.

Whilst the installation team is busy with the solar array, the electrician will set up the inverter and battery system (if we are installing batteries) and start making preparations to connect your solar system to the electrical supply to your home.  At this point, he will need to switch off the mains so that the final connection can be safely made.

The electrician and installers will then make a number of checks to the system and when they are satisfied that everything has been installed correctly they will make the final connection to the electrical supply.  The electrician will now switch the power supply back on and will test and commission the installation to ensure that your system is working correctly.


Your Solar Panel Installation is now complete.

Following the installation, our team in Head Office will generate your MCS Certificate for the installation and put together a pack of documentation relating to your specific installation which is known as a Handover Pack.

If you are considering installing Solar Panels and/or batteries on your home why not fill in our contact form and we will arrange for one of our team to call you back to discuss your needs.

Once this is completed, we will be in touch and book an appointment when best suited for you. Another option is to give us a call so please feel free to contact us on 01752 875300 and we will be more than happy to arrange an appointment via phone.