solar battery storage

Solar Battery Storage

All you need to know about solar battery storage…

Solar Arrays are now a common sight in the UK and in the last decade a significant number of homeowners have invested in the benefits of Solar PV Systems.

Government Incentives and the ever-decreasing cost of products led to a sharp increase in the number of installations and our Green Conscious Nation is now set to invest even further in the benefits of Solar with a noticeable rise in the number of installations and investment in green credentials of Solar.  Homeowners are now increasingly adopting Green Energy saving measures and are looking to invest further in these rapidly developing technologies.

Solax solar battery power

Solar PV systems have significantly better potential to generate power in the UK than most would imagine and advances in technology now make this a very real and sensible consideration when looking to reduce energy costs, our carbon footprint and our contribution towards slowing down the rapid climate change we are seeing across the planet.

Whilst we have to accept that we live in a relatively temperate climate that will never be the sunniest place on earth and we have to look forward and make the most of the sunshine that falls on us every single day of the year.  The obvious and sensible way forward is to look at battery storage for harnessing a little more of that good energy that falls on our shoulders every day.  The benefits to your existing system could be significant as they would be if you were looking at a new installation complimented with batteries.

What is solar battery storage?

As we know, Solar PV Panels and Inverters convert the power harnessed from the sun into electricity that is useable in the home.  Obviously, there is a limit to what can be used as what we can use is wholly dependent on what our demand is.  On a sunny day production from a system may be high and it will probably exceed our demand.

Solar Batteries are a technology that has developed significantly in recent years and adding batteries to a system can significantly enhance the benefits offered by a system.  All of the excess power generated by a system can be stored in a battery for use when production from the solar panels is low.   In effect, when the sun goes down at night you are able to draw power from the batteries rather than from the grid saving you money.

Solar batteries will take up the excess power created by the solar panels so that this energy does not go to waste. The battery can then supply your home with power at night or during cloudy days. For most households using solar energy, it is unlikely that it will use all of the energy generated by the solar panels throughout the day. In this instance, battery storage is a way to store the excess power and use it later to reduce your reliance on the grid.

Solar batteries are now relatively compact and can be stored within the roof void or adjacent to the inverter wherever you have chosen to site the solar technology etc.

The many benefits of solar battery storage are huge, and as the market grows, many professionals and experts believe that the installation of solar batteries is a huge factor in increasing the number of solar-powered homes in the UK. 

solar panels on a roof with battery storage

Why fit batteries?

This technology is a massive benefit with solar panels, the costs can be seen an inhibiting factor and are an investment that is considered carefully.

It is extremely important to understand that the addition of batteries to a solar system is an important consideration.  We will always consider your usage and the benefits a system would give you individually and we will always design a system around your individual needs and this will ensure that what is proposed is a worthwhile and considered investment.

If you are looking to include solar battery storage to your existing system, it is important to seek professional advice when considering a retrofit battery system.  We can offer you that sound and balanced advice on an individual basis.

We will always look carefully at your needs and will design a system that will fit well around your own personal needs and requirements.

Reducing your reliance on fossil fuels is a must and the benefits of solar battery storage can truly help you to harness the full potential of solar energy and reap the maximum rewards that you can benefit from your solar system.

Reduce your energy costs

Energy supplies are becoming increasingly more expensive, and rise every year (as much as 7% annually). Solar panels and solar battery storage give you clean energy without the need for using power solely from the grid and your energy supplier. Batteries are estimated to reduce your energy bill by as much as 35%, with some manufacturers claiming savings of up to 60%.  Whilst you will still be somewhat reliant on your energy supplier for some of your needs you will see a significant reduction in your energy bills.

Indeed, we have worked hard to ensure that our panels, batteries and inverters work seamlessly to provide you with one of the very best systems available.

More usage of you generated power

Solar battery storage gives you flexibility to store and use excess solar powered energy created.  As householders are unlikely to use all of their solar energy generated during the day, having storage allows people to harness the excess energy and release that stored power at night or when the sun is not at its peak.

Non-Reliance on dwindling supplies of fossil fuels

By using Green Energy Solutions, you will be playing your part in reducing our dependence on Fossil Fuels such as Gas and Coal.  Fossil fuels are hugely damaging to the environment and by reducing our dependence on these resources we are taking giant steps forward in reducing our individual carbon footprints, greenhouse gasses and other pollutants that are being released into the atmosphere.  What we do today to reduce pollution will provide a lasting legacy to benefit generations to come.

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