If you’re looking for some of the best loft insulation available, consider spray foam insulation. Also known as spray polyurethane foam (SPF), spray foam insulation is one of the quickest and cheapest ways of making your home warmer during the winter months. But don’t let the simple nature of this insulation method fool you – you will need to have your insulation installed by spray foam insulation specialists.

How does it work?

Spray foam insulation is usually applied to the roof and walls of an attic; once applied, it expands and hardens. There are two types of spray foam insulation: open-cell spray foam, which is slightly cheaper, and closed-cell spray foam, which is water-resistant. As with other kinds of insulation, spray foam prevents heat loss, making it easier to keep your home a cosy temperature.

Is it easy to install?

To a trained installer, yes – but that doesn’t mean just anybody can do it. When installed improperly, too many gaps can be left between the foam, and this lets heat escape. If spray foam isn’t installed by specialists, it may end up being largely ineffective.

Why should I consider it?

There are many advantages to spray foam insulation. One of these is that through rigorous testing, it has been proven to cut energy bills as it stops heating escaping and so cuts down on wasted energy. On top of this, because it restricts the movement of air throughout the home, it lessens the likelihood of mould build-up which can be costly to remove.

Spray foam insulation is a good option for insulating hard to reach areas that other types of insulation aren’t suitable for. It’s also very quick and relatively affordable, but be sure to have it installed by a spray foam specialist to increase its effectiveness.