Roof Coating

Ultimate damp proof course for the permanent restoration of walls with rising damp problems.

Moisture in building materials is a key driver to energy loss. Wet materials transfer heat much quicker than dry materials. Tests have shown that a damp content of 5% in a plain brick wall, for example, can lower the insulation performance by up to 50%. By keeping walls and roofs dry, ProPERLA helps to improve thermal efficiency. 

Properties and Advantages

  • Protection against rising damp Minimizes the growth of microorganism’s property
  • Ensures performance of the core insulation
  • Preserves the original condition of the masonry
  • Slows the aging of the surface
  • Quick and easy procedure
  • Building is able to breathe
  • Lifespan more than 10 years

Damp walls cause mould growth

ProPERLA® DPC stops plaster and paint peeling, the dissolving of wallpapers or interior paint due to salt efflorescence. The treated surface can be easily re-plastered. After a curing period of 7 days, the damp proof course achieves its full performance and reduces water absorption.


The treated surface remains breathable. Moisture and air can pass easily through the walls to the exterior. This results in a significant improvement of the insulating properties. Only 5% moisture in a wall can lower its thermal resistance by up to 50%. is reduced by more than 95%. 

Damp proof course against resin damp

Professional solution for properties with deficient or non-existent damp proof course. PorPERLA ® DPC definitely eliminates moisture problems caused by rising damp. 

Germany is known for its innovation, performance technologies and high-quality products. RENOTEC® is the leading roof coating in Germany, engineered to improve roofs to resist weather cause by rain, frost and sun.

Why restore roofs with RENOTEC®? 

  • Extends the lifespan of roof tiles
  • Improves the appearance of roofs
  • Fast installation
  • Great savings – a much cheaper alternative to re-roofing
  • Real alternative to costly and wasteful total roof replacement 

Colour Selection

A wide selection of colours are available to transform roofs from dirty and unattractive to clean and as new. The colours depicted are for guidelines only.

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