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Retrofit Batteries

Make the most of your solar panels! You have now invested in a solar PV system for your home, why not maximise your savings by…

Make the most of your solar panels!

You have now invested in a solar PV system for your home, why not maximise your savings by adding battery storage. 

Find out here how easy it is to retrofit batteries to your solar system.

Store electricty and save money

So that you can make the most out of your solar system, we advise every solar panel owner to also install a solar battery.

By doing this you can store the excess energy you have generated instead of sending it back to the grid. This means you can use the stored energy to power your home during the day and night. 

Use it, don’t lose it.

Use your battery to store any excess solar generation to use another time instead of exporting it to the grid.

Cheaper Electricity.

Use low cost night tariffs to store cheap electricity at night to use in the morning period

Benefits of storing electricity

Environmental: Energy storage come with great environmental benefits that can make it great for meeting sustainability goals. By improving the efficiency of the power grid, storage accelerates the broader adoption of renewable energy.

Amazing Savings: Solar Panels allow you to generate your own electricity. Generating your own electricity will reduce your bills. The energy that you do not consume can also be stored in batteries which will save you even more money. Another option would be selling your spare energy which increases the benefits dramatically. Further storing this energy means you will not have to pay for it, you will already have it!

No Noise Pollution: Unlike generators, solar panels, and battery storage systems don’t create noise pollution. This is a great benefit and is a great way for anyone who currently has a generator to update their system.

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