McDonald’s new restaurant is 100% Solar Powered!

Enjoy your meal whilst helping the planet 🌎 It has been stated that emissions from McDonald’s restaurants and offices are requried to drop 36% by…

Enjoy your meal whilst helping the planet 🌎

It has been stated that emissions from McDonald’s restaurants and offices are requried to drop 36% by 2030 to match the company’s science-based targets. The new restaurant is now open at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and is making its first move to meet its goal of 2030!

The new McDonald’s restaurant that just opened at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has the great benefit of having solar panels covering the roof as well as solar glass panels throughout the building. These are developed to generate enough energy so that the restaurant can run on 100% renewable power. The incredible net-zero-energy McDonald’s dining room comes equip with a passive ventilation system that circulates the air to keeps the space comfortable without having the air conditioning on most of the time. There is also a large outdoor eating area if the customer would rather choose this.

Benefits of Solar Power

  • Dramatically reduce or even eliminate your electricty bill
  • Earn a great return from your investment
  • Future proof your home against rising energy bills
  • Increase your property value
  • Receive an extra income
  • Help power Britain
  • Join the Solar CommunityReduce your carbon footprint
  • Fit and forget

The Power of the Sun

A major positive of this form of installation is how it can reduce energy use dramatically, the design makes it able to power the entire 8,024 square-foot restaurant with only the solar panels on the roof, along with solar technology placed in glass that provides shade over the outdoor eating area. As with solar power, the panels release energy back into the local grid rather than directly powering the restaurant, but the total amount of energy generated is equal to what the restaurant will use over a year.  Solar power converts in to clean energy and you can reduce your carbon footprint significantly by installing a solar power system at home.

Try Solar Power for your self

Solar Panels allow you to generate your own electricity. Generating your own electricity will reduce your bills. The energy that you do not consume can also be stored in batteries which will save you even more money. Another option would be selling your spare energy which increases the benefits dramatically.

The Office of National Statistics has recorded and average annual rise of 7% on our energy bills over the last 15 years. If trends continue, in just 10 years we could be paying TWICE as much for our energy! A typical home solar PV system could save around 1.3 to 1.6 tonnes of carbon per year (depending on where you are in the UK).

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