If you own your own home, then you know how costly it can be to run. What you may not realise though is how big a role the insulation you have can play. Getting this right can really deliver measurable differences in how energy efficient your home is and positively impact your energy usage. Spray foam insulation is being used more and more by UK homeowners now for the many benefits it brings in this area. Spray foam loft insulation sees a semi-liquid foam layer sprayed into place which then sets hard to insulate your property effectively.

But what are the key advantages of using this method of insulation?

Cut back on energy bills

This type of insulation has been shown to reduce your energy bills in the long term. As the foam provides an effective seal within the property, it helps to stop heat escaping. This reduces the need to turn your gas central heating on or use electric heaters to stay warm which will save you money overall.

Helps to protect the environment

Cutting back on the amount of energy you use in your home is not just about saving money. Spray foam is the best loft insulation as it helps you look after the planet by reducing how much energy you use. As it stops cold air coming in and warm air escaping, you will not need to use as much energy to stay cosy.

Superb health benefits

Spray foam insulation is also great for the overall health of your family. Dust, dirt and pollutants in the air can often be the cause of common ailments like asthma. This type of insulation seals your home to stop these airborne irritants entering. In turn, this helps to combat any allergies or conditions you may currently suffer from.

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