Whether you’re building your own home or looking to redo the insulation in your current one, spray foam may seem like a great option. However, the cost can put many people off considering it can be up to three times as expensive as fibreglass and cellulose alternatives. The question you may be faced with is: is spray foam worth it? The answer is yes, and here’s why:

Energy savings

Over time, the initial cost will be balanced with the savings you make on energy. Lapolla spray foam is unique in that it offers a total air seal, keeping the house at a steady temperature year round. In the summer you’ll spend less on cooling costs and in the winter won’t have to crank up your heating quite as much leading to lower bills. Although this is the case with all insulation, none are quite as effective as spray foam as they all allow some air to escape.


With fibreglass and cellulose, you can expect some significant deterioration, meaning you’ll have to replace your insulation in the near future. Spray foam, on the other hand, needs no maintenance and never needs replacing. Once you invest in this material, you can expect it to last your whole life. The only reason you might have to replace your spray foam is if you decide to change the structure of your home in the future or add an extension.

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