There’s nothing more unpleasant than a constantly cold home. Not only is it uncomfortable to live in, it is expensive too. A cold house suggests poor insulation. That’s why Lapolla spray foam insulation offers the best solution for making your home warmer and your energy bills smaller.

Spray foam insulates your loft while saving space

A common reason for not insulating is the removal of useful storage space in the loft. This is where spray foam insulation can really help. This versatile product insulates using a lot less space than traditional methods. A 100ml of spray foam is the equivalent to 170ml of normal insulation. This provides more room to store items, plus the benefits of Lapolla, meaning you don’t need to use as much energy to heat your home.

More effective than other materials

Spray foam is a far better insulator than mineral wool or fiberglass used in traditional insulation. Much less is required to obtain the same insulating effect. This makes it more efficient and cost-effective when it comes to reducing your energy bills. Within a few years of adding Lapolla spray foam insulation, the savings you make on your bills will easily cover the initial outlay costs. There’s nothing to lose and lots of benefits to gain.

Cost-efficient and safe spray foam

Not only will Lapolla spray foam save money on energy bills, it is cost-effective in other ways too. If your timber framed loft is dry, this product is breathable. Once applied, it allows any moisture to dry out by evaporation. Timber needs to breathe to prevent damp and dry rot, and Lapolla spray foam allows that to occur.

In addition, this type of insulation has no food or organic traits. It defends your home against mould as well as deterring pests and rodents.

This is why Lapolla spray foam is an excellent all round product to make your house warmer and lower your energy costs. Find out more by contacting us today.