As temperatures drop, we rely on our homes to keep us warm and cosy. However, if your home isn’t running at maximum efficiency and is still cold with the heating turned up, consider following these four tips to make your house warmer.

1. Insulate your hot water pipes

Also known as pipe lagging, insulating your pipes will keep the heat in and prevent them from bursting in cold weather. Foam pipes are readily available in most DIY stores and can be fitted with ease.

2. Spray foam your loft, walls and floors

Spray foam insulation specialists will spray liquid foam into position before letting it set into an insulating layer. This helps to prevent heat transfer and will block any unwanted air infiltration through cracks. Spray foam is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and can be used to insulate your loft, roof, floors and walls.

3. Let sunlight in and keep curtains closed at night

Once the sun is up, make sure you capture as much of that free heat as possible. Even when it’s cold outside, the sun is still warm. So before you leave the house, open your curtains and let the light shine in.

However, once the sun goes down, shut your curtains to stop heat leaving through your windows. You could even consider getting insulated curtains for winter use as they will prevent some of the warmth in your home from escaping.

4. Bleed your radiators

Make sure your radiators are warm at the top. If they aren’t, you will need to bleed them to release the trapped air. It is this trapped air which is preventing the hot water from rising, so spend a few minutes checking each of your radiators, use a bleed key to open the valve. Once you see a drip of water, close the valve again.

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