Energy price cap and what it means to you.

So, where to start? All the news about the energy price hike is quite terrifying to read. Ofgem has said “The energy cap will increase…

So, where to start?

All the news about the energy price hike is quite terrifying to read.

Ofgem has said “The energy cap will increase from 1st April for approximately 22 million customers. Those on default tariffs paying by direct debit will see an increase of £693 from £1,277 to £1,971 per year. The increase is driven by a record rise in global gas prices over the last 6 months, with wholesale prices quadrupling in the last year.”

The government has pledged to help, in England, through a Council Tax, one off, £150 discount for homes Band A to Band D (you can find out which band you are here)

And in October, England, Scotland and Wales will receive a £200 rebate on their energy bills.

But what other help is there?

Local authorities will have access to £150m to help lower income households living in higher council tax properties, and the warm house Discount Scheme will be expanded to cover 3 million households.

What can you do to help your home?

Firstly, speak to your energy provider and see what help can be offered. If you are struggling to pay your bills then speak to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service

At home, turn the temp down by 1 degree to save £55 a year.*

Swap to LED bulbs to save £30.*

Do one less wash a week, either dishwasher or washing machine, to save £8.*

Make your home draught proof to save £25.*

Wear jumpers at home when it’s cold.

Have thicker curtains to retain the heat.

Drink warm drinks.

Take a hot water bottle to bed with you and use extra blankets.

Have 3 minute showers.

Switch lights off in rooms that you aren’t using.

Turn appliances off at the plug where you can.

And look at where your home is leaking heat.

A quarter of heat is lost through an uninsulated roof. Most heat rises through your roof and by trapping it inside, you can cut down on your heating bills drastically.

Here at Cisco Homes, we offer multiple options to help keep your home insulated. Spray foam is a great way to help you save money.

Air circulates through a property, meaning the warm air from your home escapes through any possible gaps. Essentially, heating your home with the necessary installation not only keeps the warm air in but from this helps reduce energy bills.

Due to air escaping being one of the main reasons for high energy bills, spray foam will help reduce these costs. Our spray foam is a low-density open cell foam installation which is perfect for the roof, timber frames and walls. The product is applied as a liquid and is water blown which expands entirely filling all voids. From this, a continuous thermal and airtight building envelope if formed.  

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