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Eco Insulation

Eco Insulation

Energy Savings for Life

Abbreviates your carbon footprint by securing energy savings and reducing your energy consumption by up to 45%.

How environmentally sound is Lapolla Spray Foam?

Lapolla Insulation Spray Foams are environmentally preferred products due to their air sealing qualities which contribute to improved indoor air quality, reductions in energy consumption as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Lapolla Insulation is listed in the industry recognised GreenSpec® Directory and the Green Wizard directory. GreenSpec® products are selected based on independent research which ensures unbiased, quality information.

Are there any harmful emissions?

Lapolla Spray Foams are safe for both you and the environment. Most Lapolla spray foam products are water blown, and do not emit HFCs or HCFCs. Extensive testing in North America have shown that no VOCs are detected after 30 days following installation. Lapolla recommends that once sprayed, Lapolla Spray Foam be allowed 24 hours with adequate ventilation to fully cure. Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation is ideal for use in homes for many environmentally concerned people.

great health benefits

Great Health Benefits

Many illnesses like asthma and allergies are often caused by airborne pollutants such as dust, dirt, carbon monoxide and many more. By choosing spray foam, your home will be sealed from a wide range of pollutants in the air. Many customers notice a positive difference in their health after installation.

prevent pests and rodents

Prevents Pests and Rodents

This type of Insulation has no food or organic traits. It also defends your home against mould as well as deterring pests and rodents.

Foam-LOK 2000-4G Spray Foam Insulation

Lapolla is determined to make their production as eco-friendly as possible!

  • Contains recycled content (such as recycled plastic bottles), due to this it enumerates its value to the consumer and the environment.
  • It has been tested and proven to improve R-Values
  • Possess improved yield over previous generation products
  • Diminishes the ozone depletion potential with an ODP value of Zero. 

Air moves in and out of a home through any obvious gaps. Meaning more energy is used to heat your home, thus increasing your carbon footprint.  An environmentally friendly home is a great benefit for you, your family and the environment. Take an active role in helping reduce greenhouse gases, thus slowing the effects of global warming.

Due to the increasing cost of energy and surging focus on health and environmental issues Constructions workers such as builders are recommending insulation materials that add greater performance value to construction projects. Spray foam is at the top of the recommended product list!

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    • lapolla accredited sales agent
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