Roof Insulation Types

Benefits of Spray Foam

Efficiency whilst saving money!

Would you like more value from your home as well as a healthier environment? If so, we have the product for you! Spray Foam is a brilliant insulator which can be used to help you save money on your energy bills!

Air circulates through a property, meaning the warm air from your home escapes through any possible gaps. Essentially, heating your home with the necessary installation not only keeps the warm air in but helps your property reach excellent building performance. Once the temperature stays consistent for longer it gives you a more comfortable living environment.

Due to air escaping being one of the main reasons for high energy bills, spray foam will help reduce these costs. Our spray foam is a low-density open cell foam insulation which is perfect for the roof, timber frames and walls. The product is applied as a liquid and is water blown which expands entirely filling all voids. From this, a continuous thermal and airtight building envelope if formed.  

Benefits of Spray Foam:

  • Cost effective options available
  • Our product is manufactures by the leading global producer of polyurethane spray foam
  • Efficiency is key – quick and economic application with minimal disruption
  • Fully CE marked and endorsed to the Construction Product Regulations
  • Keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer 
  • Expands to 100 times its original form, filling in any gaps
  • The system has a very low GWP (1) and zero ODP
  • Rapidly improves energy efficiency
  • Fights against any unwanted sounds
  • Will last the lifetime of the building
  • No VOCs, CFCs or Formaldehyde
  • The appearance does not alter 
  • Saves money on energy bills
  • No harmful side effects

See how our product compares to other materials used for installation:

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