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Are you a home or business owner looking to reduce energy bills and improve air quality while protecting the planet?

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To meet our commitment to our customers and the environment, we only source from suppliers that share our values.

As a global leader in sustainable chemicals, BASF supply a range of next-generation spray polyurethane foam (SPF) products. These not only help home and business owners to dramatically reduce their energy consumption but they also use eco-friendly blowing agents that won’t harm the ozone layer or accelerate climate change.

In addition to its eco credentials, BASF insulation spray foam is quick to apply and dries within seconds. It holds its shape (doesn’t sag or settle) and leaves no mess or waste.

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Elastospray® foam is incredibly versatile. It can be sprayed directly on to most dry, dust-free substrates including brick, concrete, metal and wood and conforms to the  contours of any shape, making it ideal for insulating profiled roofs, soffits and other non-standard spaces. When sprayed into cavities, Elastospray® can penetrate into hard to reach areas, providing almost zero air permeability.

Elastospray® LWP is HFO-blown which means it uses ozone-friendly hydrofluoroolefins instead of ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) as a propellant. HFOs also have a much lower global warming potential (GWP) than HFCs.

Enertite® by BASF: Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

With its open cell structure, Enertite® is a versatile and cost-effective alternative to closed cell SPFs. It is suitable for insulating most internal spaces such as timber frame wall cavities, suspended floors and flat or pitched roofs.

Once cured, the foam will expand to around 100 times its volume, filling the space around it and providing excellent protection against heat loss.

Depending on the thickness of the foam, building materials and other factors, the u-value of Enertite® can reach as low as 0.11.

Instead of propellant, Enertite® uses water as a blowing agent. Again, this causes no damage to the ozone layer and has an extremely low GWP of around 1.

We were very pleased with the loft insulation that was installed. The process was rapid, clean and the experience shows, very effective.

Mr. Ian Middleton

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Approved BASF Spray Foam Installers

BASF spray polyurethane foams are advanced two component applications. As such, they are not suitable for DIY use and should only be applied by rigorously trained and approved FOAM MASTERS using customised equipment. 

BASF FOAM MASTERS will apply the product in compliance with health and safety legislation and building regulations, giving our customers complete peace of mind. They can also advise on the best product for any specific project, carry out thermal efficiency calculations and assess a building for condensation risk.

Cost Efficient

Spray foam locks heat inside your home. Save up to 45% on your energy Bills!


Our eco-friendly Spray Foam does not contain any toxic or harmful components.

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So that you can have full confidence, we work in partnership with the IWA, which has been providing Insurance Backed Guarantees and Deposit Protection Schemes since 1985 and they have built up an outstanding reputation for trust and honesty amongst clients from all over the UK.

By combining excellent customer service with industry-leading insulation products and professional installers, we are confident we can meet all of your loft insulation needs.

By using BASF spray foam insulation to insulate your residential or commercial property, you can look forward to lower energy bills and better quality air at virtually no cost to the environment.

The chaps that completed the work were very professional, worked cleanly, and efficiently. Final outcome was a wow for me. It’s like having a woolly hat on the top of my house. No DRAFTS no DAMPNESS, no DUST no more COBWEBS. Very happy customer.

Sue Stimpson

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