7 reasons why you should choose Spray Foam Insulation

‘How to make my home warmer’ is one question that many homeowners ask themselves. Whether in the depths of Winter or during those summers which…
7 reasons why you should choose spray foam insulation

‘How to make my home warmer’ is one question that many homeowners ask themselves. Whether in the depths of Winter or during those summers which don’t quite deliver, keeping your home warm is vital. One of the best modern products for this is Spray Foam Insulation. This material is made from isocyanate and polyol resin. When it is sprayed into place, it delivers superb thermal Insulation for the home.

But what other advantages does using this kind of insulation provide?

1. Dynamic Insulation

One of the great advantages of Spray Foam is that it expands on contact to dynamically seal all spaces, no matter how awkward. This means it gives a total seal with no gaps that traditional insulation can leave behind.

2. Great Energy Savings

Most homeowners would love to save some money on their energy bills each month. Using Spray Foam Insulation helps here as it reduces your energy usage and the money you spend on it.

3. Space Saving Solution

You would be surprised at how much space you can save using this insulation. When added to your roofline, you can get up to 10 inches more (low level) loft storage.

4. Stops Air Filtration

If you have spaces where cold air is coming in and warm air is escaping, then this is poor for your overall insulation. Spray foam is great for reducing air filtration and helping your home to stay warmer.

6. It Is Tough

When you insulate your home, you want to use something that will last a long time. Spray foam insulation is a great option as it is tough and durable.

7. It Is Good For The Planet

As well as helping to cut down on your bills, Spray Foam Loft Insulation will also help to save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. You will use less energy and will have less impact on the environment around you.

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