3 top tips to prevent an Insulation between rafters

One of the best ideas to solve the problem of ‘how to make my house warmer’ is to Insulate your loft space. Heat rises in…

One of the best ideas to solve the problem of ‘how to make my house warmer’ is to Insulate your loft space. Heat rises in your home, and if you aren’t prepared, the heat will be lost.

Ideally, heat should be kept in your house, rather than disappearing into the great outdoors. A great way to do this is to insulate the rafters of your roof, which are the wooden structures on the sloping part of the roof. Insulation goes over and between these rafters, but damaging condensation can soon set in, unless you are careful.

When searching for the best loft Insulation, it is crucial to consider how you are going to deal with any condensation problems. The issue arises when your attempts to insulate your house, whether that’s double glazing, wall insulation or loft insulation, prevents both excess heat and moisture from escaping. Heat rises through your house, meets your cold loft and comes back down as unwanted condensation. Moisture in your home can result in vulnerable parts rotting, so it is very important to prevent any insulation between rafter’s condensation.

Top tips to prevent condensation

1. Loft condensation can be created, or made worse, by a lack of ventilation. Make sure that you have not accidentally blockaded any roof air vents with too many storage boxes. These vents are a primary way for unwanted moisture to escape.

2. Make sure that there is the required gap between the insulation and your rafters to allow for adequate air circulation.

3. Keeping moisture to a minimum in the main part of the house is a good way to prevent condensation. Consider buying a de-humidifier, or alternatively make sure that the property is well ventilated.

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